About Me

I live to cook and sometimes I cook to live. Let me explain.
I have loved to cook since I can remember. My mother said that when I was a little girl I would push a chair up next to her in the kitchen and say, “Me to stir.”
In 1985 I moved to a little town in eastern Montana to teach Home Economics. I taught until the spring of 1996 at which time I retired from teaching and purchased the local newspaper. In reading through the old newspapers one thing I found constant was how people pulled together and helped each other out when times were tough and how they got together to celebrate when times were good. Whether people got together to commiserate or to celebrate food was always a major part of the occasion. One way of not only sharing the food with each other and the recipes involved in making them, was to publish those recipes in the local newspaper. I continued that tradition and included some of those early recipes in my cooking column in the paper. I then went on to compile those recipes from the first four years (2002-2005) into a cookbook.
Twenty-fifteen (2015) was the last year I published the newspaper but my need to cook and share recipes continued so I decided to start a food blog. Now I can combine my love of cooking, publishing and photography all in one place.
I also own a bed and breakfast. That’s where the “cook to live” part comes in. For each set of guests I try to find something new and interesting – and tasty – to serve. They seem to appreciate my efforts and as a consequence I have many return guests.
A few years ago my brother gave me a framed plaque to go on my kitchen wall. It reads “To cook is a necessity – To know how is an art.” So, not only do I love to cook and cook to live, I continue to work on the art of cooking by taking classes, reading cookbooks and trying new recipes and ingredients so I can make my cooking an art.
You may not live to cook, as I do, but I hope you enjoy these recipes as you practice the art of cooking.

"To cook is a necessity – to know how is an art."